Meet Heather

Certified Health Coach, Registered Nurse & Nutrition Expert

Hi I’m Heather! 


I want to tell you EXACTLY how I got on this road to helping others.  


Three years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease where your body quite literally attacks itself. I realized the prescription pills only led to more prescription pills and ZERO positive results. I had to take it upon myself to find out what was WRONG. 


Fortunately, I discovered on my personal health and wellness journey, this was simply due to a dairy allergy. Through VERY simple diet and lifestyle changes, I was able to successfully abandon prescription medications.  I used food itself as a medicine and it WORKED.


With no guide, I had to become my own guide. Alone. 


After this terrible experience, I vowed to commit my entire life,  my education and professional experiences (as a Registered Nurse) to empowering other women. Not only to be physically healthy and powerful through nutrition, but also to develop a healthy and confident MINDSET. 


I am absolutely passionate about my mission to help women achieve whatever wellness goals THEY envision. This could be anything from achieving weight loss, adding more daily energy, boosting mental clarity and developing laser sharp focus.    


I look forward to starting your adventure together, at the EXACT moment that YOU are ready!    



 Love, Heather the Healer

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